Intimacy Advisor Podcast

Episode 17: Resetting Energy with Frank Lawrence’s Vibrating Tarot

January 11, 2021's kind of hard to believe we're here. We all desperately need a change of pace, a new beginning, and some new, fresh energy. Out of all the fun games and toys we see in adult stores, there's something about the Vibrating Tarot that is new, fresh, and exciting to all of us. Whether it may be pulling the card that you needed to see to enforce a difficult decision, asking a deck a simple yes or no, or maybe you feel like The Fool beginning your spiritual or sexual journey, Frank Lawrence is designing something that is sure to keep your spirits lifted.

While physical prints of The Vibrating Tarot Deck are not yet ready, follow his social pages @vibratingtarot and check back on his site HERE for the latest news on crowd funding and release of cards!

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